I'm the one I've been looking for!
Why can't I find my prince charming?
Does he not exist?

How many toads do I have to kiss until I find my handsome prince?
What is wrong with men?
At first, my newfound love seems to be everything I could hope for,
but then he treats me like all the others.

Why? Why does my beautiful princess turn against me?
I was her everything. Now she keeps on nagging.
I thought she was that special one and we would live happily ever after.
Now she treats me like all the others.

We spend so much time looking for that special one who will make us happy and whole. No matter how much we look, we seem to always end up with the same kind of person. Once the newness and excitement wear thin we find ourselves in the same old groove, disappointed, hurt and disillusioned. Back to square one. "How much more can I take?" Is there nothing but hope?

We work so hard to bring more happiness into our lives. We constantly try to change things around us to find the everlasting happiness we are longing for. Why does it always slip away?

The time has come to turn things around. We have entered the age of empowerment and now realize that unless we change within, nothing changes.Or, have you ever succeeded in changing another person?

Not likely! The only thing we can change is ourselves. And as we change, the world around us changes. Recall the times in your life when you stood up for yourself and refused to take it any more - and things turned around.
Nothing changes unless we make changes within.

I want more love in my life!
Why can't I get it?

The lack of love from outside sources only reflects how little we love ourselves.

If we want to attract and keep a loving relationship we need to learn to love ourselves more. If we don't love ourselves we find it hard to believe that someone truly cares for us. We are suspicious every time we hear the words "I love you" and respond "Wait until you know me better" or immediately suspect ulterior motives. Unless we love ourselves more, every newfound love will fade.
Too good to be true, and true enough….

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

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We would not treat our worst enemy the way we sometimes treat ourselves
We can be extremely hard and unforgiving when it comes to our own self

Low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness have become a real disease

Unless we take time to build a more loving relationship with our own self,
we will continue to struggle in relationships and our personal world

The most important relationship is the relationship we have with our self!

How can we attract and maintain a loving relationship if we don't love ourselves? How can we trust anybody if we don't trust ourselves How can we expect to be respected if we think so little of ourselves?

Why do we love ourselves so little?

To understand the underlying reasons we need to examine our roots. Our perception of who we are stems from early influences and the programming implanted in our minds when we were children.

Born into the 'old world' of conformity and uniformity, we had to sacrifice our authenticity to be accepted by a society that focused on outward appearance alone.As children, our natural creative and spontaneous approach to life was a real threat to the old system. Children had to learn how to behave and how to do things the 'right' way. Their free spirit needed to be broken to make them fit into society. Love was forthcoming relative to fulfilled expectations.We did not question the godlike, towering parenting figures; instead we blamed ourselves for not being good enough, undeserving to be loved. In our attempt to secure the love we were seeking, we adapted.

We surrendered our genuine self bit by bit. But it did not work.

Now, as adults, to be loved for who we truly are is no longer possible because we gave up being authentic. Regardless of our societal achievements or materialistic gains, we continue to feel empty inside.

Be your best friend!

We are no longer at the mercy of our past conditioning. We can heal old wounds, experience loving relationships and contribute to a better world. Never have there been so many tools available to those who seek more love in their life. The 'old world' has taught us to be hard on ourselves and grow through struggle.

There is a better, more loving way to grow.
Loving yourself is the key.

Celebrate your uniqueness and the world will celebrate with you!

The Fact remains:

As long as we live other people's ideas of how we should live our lives we can never be fulfilled, because we are living their life and not our's.

More and more people are finding that out and have come to a turning point in their lives where they have to choose whether to follow "the way things have always been", what they are supposed to do, and how they really want to be in their hearts.

People who, sometimes unconsciously, have made the decision to make this life count, are finding that their life based on the old world is falling apart. The turning point is often a health crisis. The more we procrastinate the more intense the situation becomes.

Peel away the layers of Old World conditioning and inherited thinking like an onion, uncover your genuine self, and find happiness from the inside out.